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The Development and verification of a flipped learning framework in an ESL contaxt Urban parks for people in a megacity Techno-economic assessment of hydrothermal treatment from municipal solid waste and oil palm biomass as coal substitute in Malaysia Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Kyllinga brevifolia extract and immobilisation on Tio2 nanotubes for methy blue dye removal Simulation of adaptive antenna array implementation fo low earth orbit constellation School-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) intervention for depressive symptomatology Extended nearest centroid neighbor method with training set reduction for classification Evaluation, characterisation and modelling of aspergillus flavus in aflatoxin production in peanuts along the supply chain Differential framing effects from valence on donation behaviour Factors and challenges influencing money laundering investigation outcome among the law enforcement agencies in Malaysia Development of triga mark ii research reactor core monitoring system using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system Development and evaluation of a new alkalinization additive for road subgrade stabilization Cost-effective model-based test case generation and prioritization for software product line Circularly polarized antennas for GNSS applications Characterising brain structures using fractal analysis for Huffaz group
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